Cybersecurity Services

Protection for your company

Explore our Cybersecurity Services – from essential protections in our Standard package to comprehensive preventive measures in Relentless, and compliance integration in Elite. Safeguard your business with our tailored solutions.

Elite Cybersecurity Service: Holistic Protection and Compliance Integration

Tailored for business owners navigating the complex landscape of federal agency and state legal requirements, our Elite package represents the pinnacle of cybersecurity excellence.

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Relentless Cybersecurity Service: Unyielding Protection for Your Business

Tailored for business owners who recognize the high stakes of cyber threats and aspire for an all-encompassing defense, our Relentless package builds upon the foundation of the Standard services.

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Standard Cybersecurity Service: Fortify Your Business Defenses

At the foundation of our cybersecurity offerings, the Standard package serves as the frontline defense every small business requires against cyber threats and aligns with the stringent requirements of insurance underwriters.

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Key Benefits Of Relentless Protection

We protect your agency from cyber crimes and compliance fines by managing the hand picked software and in-house experts so you do not have to.

  • Risk Reduction

    Reduces your threat risks with a single solution for your security and compliance needs.

  • Cost Effective

    Saves money by integrating CyberFin rather than hiring a fulltime employee to do the same work.

  • Peace of Mind

    Removes the worry of five and six-figure fines and 90 days of lost productivity due to a data breach.

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How does it work?

Our simple, proven process will have you protected in minutes, with a minimum business interruption for half the price of a cell phone bill.

Step 1 - Assessment

It starts with a 30-min Cyber Assessment, where we identify any gaps in your cybersecurity.

Step 2 - Sign Up

Once complete, we work with you to select the CyberFin solution that will provide the best protection.

Step 3 - On Board

Getting started with CyberFin tools takes each user only minutes through our 1:1 session.

Step 4 - Protect

Immediately following installation, you can rest assured you and your business are protected.

Don't wait until is too late

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Get Simplified Cybersecurity

Access to a simple, all-in-one cybersecurity service to protect your business against cyber crimes and regulatory fines that was previously unavailable and unaffordable


$40 Monthly

  • Managed Cyber Security Team
  • Threat Hunting
  • Zero-Cost Remediation
  • Endpoint Protection against ransomware/malware
  • Email Threat Prevention from Business Email Compromise and Phishing attacks
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Cloud Data Back Up
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$80 Monthly

  • All Standard & Relentless Service Plus
  • Outbound email encryption
  • Information Security and Response Planning (ISP/WISP)
  • Identity and Business Fraud Restoration
  • Regulatory Response and Client Notification – Data Breach
  • On-going Vulnerability Scans
  • Dark Web Scanning
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$60 Monthly

  • All Standard Services Plus
  • Secure Internet Portal (AOVPN)
  • Firewall Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Mobile Device Protection
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Is Your Agency Protected?

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