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Did you know that over 60% of Insurance Agencies and Small Businesses have been under attack just in the last year? It takes more than 22 days to remediate an attack, and the average cost of remediation is over $2 million dollars.

Your financials and your reputation are at stake. Don't put your business at risk and take the first step today by learning where your vulnerabilities are. It is completely FREE.

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Book a FREE Cybersecurity Assessment

No Commitment. No Obligation. In 30 minutes you will know where your agency or small business is vulnerable and how to close the gaps.

    How does it work?

    Our simple, proven process will have you protected in minutes, with a minimum business interruption for less than a half cell phone bill a month.

    Step 1 - Assessment

    It starts with a 30-min Cyber Assessment, where we identify any gaps in your cybersecurity.

    Step 2 - Sign Up

    Once complete, we work with you to select the CyberFin solution that will provide the best protection.

    Step 3 - On Board

    Getting started with CyberFin tools takes each user only minutes through our 1:1 session.

    Step 4 - Protect

    Immediately following installation, you can rest assured you and your business are protected.

    What you will get

    24/7 Cybersecurity Managed Service. Comprehensive protection for where you are most vulnerable: e-mail, internet, and devices.

    • 24/7 Threat Hunting
    • Firewall/VPN Internet Portal
    • Endpoint Security/Anti-Virus
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Web-content Filtering
    • AI Email Threat Protection
    • Info Security Awareness Training
    • Malware/Ransomware Protection
    • Data Back-Up Off-Domain
    • Reporting
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    Why Cyberfin?

    Our passion and purpose is protecting your agency from cyber crimes and compliance fines, by managing the hand-picked software and in-house experts so you do not have to.

    • Risk Reduction

      Reduces your threat risks with a single solution for your security and compliance needs.

    • Cost Effective

      Saves money by integrating CyberFin rather than hiring a fulltime employee to do the same work.

    • Peace of Mind

      Removes the worry of five and six-figure fines and 90 days of lost productivity due to a data breach.

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    Don't wait until is too late

    Schedule your Cybersecurity Assessment today and protect your business from cybercriminals and compliance fines.

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    Endorsed by top insurance associations

    We work closely with top insurance associations to educate agencies and agents and keep them from becoming cybersecurity horror stories.

    • Do hackers target small businesses or agencies?

      Yes, small and medium-sized agencies are prime targets for cybercriminals. They often have access to sensitive data required for business operations but lack the robust security infrastructure of larger organizations. Cybercriminals can run multiple attacks simultaneously, making smaller entities lucrative and easier targets

    • Is MFA and basic anti-virus enough for cybersecurity?

      While Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and antivirus are essential, they are not sufficient on their own. Cybersecurity requires a layered approach, including user training, email threat protection, endpoint protection, firewall and VPN, and mobile device management. Sole reliance on basic measures leaves gaps that sophisticated cyber threats can exploit.

    • Does using the cloud protects me from cyber threats?

      Merely storing data in the cloud does not guarantee protection. Cloud computing changes the threat landscape, making agencies reliant on it more vulnerable if proper security measures are not in place. It's crucial to ensure that cloud services are configured correctly and combined with comprehensive cybersecurity practices.

    • Do cyberattacks only originate from outside?

      Cyberattacks can originate from both external and internal sources. Insider threats, including malicious insiders, negligent employees, or third-party vendors, account for a significant portion of security incidents. It's vital to address these risks through security awareness training and stringent access controls.


    Cybersecurity by the Numbers

    Cyber attacks against insurance agencies and small businesses have been on the rise in recent years, despite the attitude among agency owners that hackers only go after behemoths.
    Here are some alarming numbers for SMBs:


    Have been under attack recently


    Days to remediate an attack


    Pay after a ransomware attack


    USD cost of remediation

    Learn how to protect your agency and prevent becoming the next victim.