4 Cybersecurity Bad Practices To Be Aware Of

4 Cybersecurity Bad Practices To Be Aware Of
Cybercriminals use a number of different methods to gain access to systems, networks, and personal as recent incidents have demonstrated, cyberattacks against critical infrastructure can have significant impacts on the functions of both government and the private sector. Though we are seeing and hearing more of these attacks on a larger scale, our small and medium-sized businesses need to also be aware that an attack can, and will, (eventually) happen. All businesses, large or small, should implement an effective cybersecurity program to protect against cyber threats and manage cyber risk.
While we talk a lot about what a business can or should do when it comes to cybersecurity, we don’t often talk about current practices that may increase a business’s risk to a cybersecurity attack or breach. What are some of these “bad practices?” Let’s take a look: Schedule your FREE Cyber Self Check
  1. Using old, unsupported software or not maintaining regular software updates.
  2. Not updating, or using known, fixed or default passwords and credentials.
  3. Using single-factor authentication for remote access to systems and devices.
And the fourth bad practice, worthy of its own paragraph, is not understanding cyber threats to begin with. One reason why cyberattacks can cause so much damage is the lack of understanding. The risk of believing you will not be attacked and being unprepared can result in significant data or information loss should you not realize you have been attacked or find out too late. What can you do to be better protected? Begin with educating yourself on cyberattacks and cybersecurity practices (read some of our latest blog posts!). Secondly, by having a cybersecurity program in place. As regulations around cybersecurity practices and policies come into effect, which will directly affect your business, CyberFin is here to help navigate and create a cybersecurity program that will fit your needs.

Why CyberFin

CyberFin is a cybersecurity Next-Gen MSSP.  CyberFin actively manages the systems and data to keep out cyber criminals and provide guidance and tools for staying compliant.  We have our own hand-picked tools, proprietary technology and in-house experts managing all of it for our customers. We are a holistic approach to keeping the cyber criminals and fines out of your office. Contact us today to learn more.