24/7 Relentless Cybersecurity Protection

Offering a simple, all-in-one solution that protects you against cyber attackers. Our solution protects your internet, email, devices and mobile. We're proud to offer this solution to insurance agencies, and their customers, to protect against cyber extortion and regulatory fines.

With our team having over 20+ years in the financial and insurance industries, we know what it means to keep your information protected but still able to keep up with your day to day business. Employing CyberFin’s simple solution not only fills cyber protection gaps, but dramatically reduces your risk of an attack, all without you having to manage a single thing.

Say "YES" to Simplified Cybersecurity

Key Benefits

  • Reduces your threat risks with a single solution for you
    security and compliance needs.
  • Save money by integrating CyberFin rather than hiring
    a fulltime employee to do the same work.
  • Removes the worry of 5 and 6 figure fines and
    90 days of lost productivity due to a data breach.

Relentless Protection

  • All-in-one solution combining tools, technology
    and talent.
  • Simple implementation process.
  • Proactive monitoring and remediation so you can
    focus on what’s most important – your business.
  • Knowledgeable staff to keep you protected
    and compliant.

Relentlessly Simple Process

Our simple, proven process will have you protected in minutes. Each business starts with a Cyber Self-Check where we diagnose any vulnerabilities or gaps in your cyber security. Once complete, we work with you to identify the CyberFin solutions that will provide the best protection.

After completing the sign-up paperwork, onboarding the CyberFin solutions takes each user only minutes and can be done by following our easy-to-use instruction guide. Following installation, you can rest assured you and your business are protected.

Simple. Easy. And nothing for you to manage.

24/7 Threat Hunters & Remediation

Real people monitoring your network and systems for potential threats or incidents.

Email Threat Prevention (ETP)

Identifies and isolates advanced, targeted and other evasive attacks camouflaged as normal traffic -like inbound and outbound malware, phishing URLs, impersonation techniques and spam.

Endpoint Security

Malware protection with antivirus (AV) defenses to protect all your devices.

Firewall & VPN

Encrypts your traffic to protect your data and blocks against attacks by also monitoring your incoming and outgoing traffic.

Mobile Device Management & Security (MDM) – Elite Add-On

Secure and protect your devices – like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Cloud Security (CASB) – Elite Add-On

Protect cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure.

Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

A document that outlines the policies, procedures, and security controls to ensure confidential information is protected.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Authentication method that requires two or more verification factors to gain access to a resource.

Employee Awareness Training

Training and education focused on engaging staff to minimize cyber risk and human error.

Internal Scan

Identify real and potential vulnerabilities within your firewall and business network.


Top information security expert to consult on your cybersecurity program.

Risk Management

Proactively manage and understand overall cyber risk and cyber risk events.