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Much like your Insurance Agency, CyberFin was born in the Insurance Industry. We understand what the needs and expectations are for a business like yours, and therefore, what to expect and protect. 

“We just want to be covered and not think too much about it, all for a reasonable cost of course.”

If you are thinking about getting cyber secure – you’ve already made a great choice. Cyber-attacks affect over 60% of small businesses, keeping them down and out of business for an average of 22 days, if not completely shutting down your business altogether… and that doesn’t even show the full picture. Each one of these attacks costs an agency of your size an average of over $165,000. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much sitting around just to throw at some hackers for fun.

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When deciding to get cybersecurity for your insurance agency, we compiled the Big 5 topics to think about and focus on when getting protected and compliant.

The Big 5 Insurance Agency Needs

  1. State Law – Knowing what it is, and how to be compliant – for us, it’s MN State Law!
  2. HIPAA for All, you need to be Compliant – No Gmail/yahoo/Hotmail use (raise your hand if you’re still using one of these for your business email), no commission reports sent unencrypted, sitting at the coffee shop with no VPN <– these are all bad positions!
  3. Productivity – Your Agents are spending too much time worrying about security, compliance, etc. when they could be selling. We have turnkey, all-in-one solution. Our job is to make you successful and protect your agents and clients.
  4. Understanding the Risk – Know just how much money could and will be lost, and the fact your whole business could disappear overnight. The house could be on fire and you’re in it.
  5. Complete, Layered Coverage – One anti-virus won’t do the trick. Your hard-built business needs a professional solution as well. It must cover devices, internet, email, cloud, field office, remote workers and more. Multi-layered – if one were to fail, there are two more ready to protect. Your info will be locked in a maximum-security jail cell, behind 2ft of concrete and bulletproof glass, with armed guards out front. 

Not only does CyberFin protect and keep you compliant, but we manage it too. We make sure you can focus on what’s important – your business – and growing it at that.

You’ll have the tech, the talent, and the tools.

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