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While most business owners understand that protecting their employees and systems from online threats is critical for an organization, navigating through the sea of cybersecurity terms and products can be very overwhelming—especially for smaller sized businesses with limited time and IT resources. What components or areas of your business are most vulnerable to security risks? What should you look for when purchasing cybersecurity products and services? Here’s a short breakdown of critical things to look for when assessing cybersecurity protection.

Top 4 ways to protect your business from cyber threats  

According Ostra’s Cybersecurity 101 Guide for 2021, there are four key cybersecurity strategies every business should leverage to help keep you and your client data safe.

1. Prevent Email Threats

Email is one of the key mediums that cybercriminals use to commit their crimes. Ensure all your employees use a secure email service and don’t send work emails from their personal accounts. In addition, educate your employees about the importance of being vigilant while using their emails.

2.  Manage Mobile Devices & Security

Eighty-five percent of people use their smartphones to access emails. That mean many of your employees likely do the same. Working with a qualified, experienced cybersecurity team is the best way to prevent mobile devices from being compromised, as they can leverage the latest mobile security solutions to keep data safe.

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3. Identify and Secure All Endpoints

Map out your network endpoints and use cybersecurity solutions to protect them. There are a multitude of avenues that cybercriminals can attempt to gain access into your system. Endpoints that businesses need to keep secure include desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, workstations, internet-of-things devices, etc.

4. Utilize Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud security is a solution that every business should consider. In addition to being scalable, housing all your data in the cloud can be more secure than storing it on-premise. When looking for a cloud service provider, validate that they are investing heavily in security.

How Cyberfin Can Help Keep Your Data Secure and Safe

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unsure about the prospects of keeping your agency compliant and client data safe? Don’t worry, we here to protect you relentlessly.

CyberFin offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that can be customized to fit your agency and brokerage needs.

Our 360° Protection covers:

  • Compliance Consultancy
  • Email Threat Protection
  • Elite Endpoint
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Mobile Device
  • Cloud Application Security Broker
  • Firewall
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)

While thorough, the real benefits is the ease-of-use on your end. CyberFin seamlessly integrates with your business, and it dynamically updates so there is no need for you to monitor it. CyberFin’s solutions will be relentlessly working in the background of your system, 24/7.

We’ve made enterprise-grade cybersecurity accessible for all agencies—small or large. By merging our proprietary technology and our strategic partnerships with top cybersecurity solutions out there, we’ve created a unique, cost-effective cybersecurity solution available to businesses of all sizes for the first time.

To get started on incorporating CyberFin into your cybersecurity plan, reach out to us today!