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As an agency owner, you might be asking yourself, what cybersecurity solutions do I need? You probably just want enough coverage to be protected and compliant without spending too much money. Especially since you might run a smaller agency. 

Have you ever heard of the Rule of 3? The Rule of 3 is all around us – three blind mice, three little pigs, three wise men, ready set go, rock-paper-scissors, traffic lights, first-second-third place, three two one countdown, holes in a bowling ball, ABC’s, should I keep going? 

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The same can apply here, there are 3 basic components of cybersecurity you must have; non-negotiable for basic coverage and compliance. The following three pieces of the pie ensure you have levels of protection to keep the bad guys out of your hard built business.

  1. Email – If you are still using Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc. for your business email – that’s your first mistake. Getting on O365 or similar professional email will allow protections to be put in place to safeguard all the phishing and more that comes in through email – something we use every day! Think of the hundreds of opportunities you are giving hackers…
  2. Device – If there was one thing you use more than your email – it’s your devices. Computers, laptops, iPads, phones, and more – all are doors for cyber criminals to walk right through and steal your data, and maybe worse off, your clients’ data. Time to lock that up!
  3. Internet – Ok, if there was one more thing you used MORE than both your email and devices, it would be the internet.  An open gateway for all hackers to enter your business and steal your info, and most likely shut down your business for good. Think of all the places you visit on the internet, surfing the web daily…Locking up this third component is essential.

Bonus: Cloud – Cloud security may be a hair newer than the other three, but no less important. Protection for your cloud may shoot to the top of the list when talking about remote working as well. Think of all the places you and your employees could be working during the day? How many times would they have to access your business or its data/assets from a remote location?

When you sit down to think if Cybersecurity is right for you – hint: it is, you should also be thinking about all the places that need coverage. In fact, this isn’t just about basic coverage so you can side-step getting in trouble (more on that in a later blog). Protection and compliance extend beyond the cybersecurity rules of 3 in true protection for your business. 

So, get smart about protecting your work, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. It all starts with a free ‘Cyber Check’ that you can schedule here with one of our associates. Totally no obligation – just discover where your business is vulnerable in these 3 components and beyond. Schedule HERE