About CyberFin


An all-inclusive, Next-Gen MSSP with a simple, all-in-one cybersecurity solution.

Meet The Team

With a combined 20+ years of insurance agency experience, and security products for the financial industry, we came together to form a solution for a growing need. What we created is a managed, all-in-one cybersecurity plan for small to medium sized businesses in those industries and beyond, and we couldn't be more excited to bring CyberFin to your business.

Our goal was to make it simple to understand, easy to implement, and managed so you don't have to. We also created a solution that upheld our values and integrity - deliver the best experience with honesty, transparency, and steadfast, relentless pursuit of protection and compliance.

After all, we created CyberFin because we needed that kind of solution for our businesses and wanted a solution we could stand by and be confident in.


Daniel Metcalf


Chris Steffl

The CyberFin Story

CyberFin began by delivering a simple, all-in-one cybersecurity solution to insurance agencies to protect against cyber extortion and regulatory fines. However, we quickly found that other companies could benefit from a cybersecurity solution, which has otherwise been widely unavailable, and unaffordable, to them.

We’ve changed the way companies can become cybersecure by meshing our tools, technology and talent into a single, simple solution that seamlessly delivers cybersecurity protection to any-sized company.

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Keeping every aspect of our work simple to deliver an easy, user-friendly experience to all our clients.



Providing relentless protection to our clients is our #1 goal.



CyberFin is committed to doing what’s best for our clients with honesty and transparency.